Southern Highlands Wedding Venue

The Barrel Room

Seated 50 – 100

A unique Southern Highlands wedding venue

The Barrel Room is a previous Cellar for the wines produced on the property. It retains it’s quaint charm of an old cellar with intimate lighting, unique atmosphere and décor.

Southern Highlands

Winery Wedding

The beautiful row of barrels lining the wall is a perfect back drop for your bridal table and is softly lit. Soft candle light flickers upon each barrel, creating an air of romance. The beautiful timber pylons support unique roof features, softly up lit, not to detract from the wrought iron chandeliers creating a whimsical atmosphere in the room.

The front wall boasts two spectacular large wine barrels, complete with candle light to complete the mood. Opening to a small patio, the venue enjoys the scenic views across the valley.

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Functions at Southern Highlands Winery are managed by our in-house caterer, The Chef and I Catering. A dedicated Event Coordinator will be in contact with you once we receive your enquiry.